about baruch

Eduardo Baruch is a Brazilian artist who loves to tell stories through his paintings, colors and his creative imagination. His professional painting career began in 2004 and since then it has been a non-stop journey. Baruch has participated in many national and international exhibitions

The figurative nature of his paintings brings together naive elements such as the pajamas worn by the characters, paper boats and the magic staff.  The stories he tells mix together the past and present to create a beautiful future.   Baruch's playful and colorful works express his many emotions and experiences in life. The artist has shown his works at art fairs, museums and international exhibitions including the Carrousel du Louvre and the Florence Biennale.


His art has enchanted celebrities, politicians and personalities including Gisele Bündchen and Sharon Stone among others. Baruch’s works are collected world wide and are exhibited publicly and privately in cities such as Boston, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, Osaka, Paris and many others.


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