Eduardo Baruch, a Brazilian artist, began his professional career in 2004 and has participated in many national and international exhibitions. He also holds a degree in Visual Arts and Fashion.

2011 was a milestone in his career when he participated in the Cow Parade, an international public art exhibition, in his home state, Santa Catarina. Creating the painting, Balneario Cowburiu in tribute to the city where he was living at the time and the piece Popsicle, an allusion to the city. The following year he had a showing of his work at the Carrousel du Louvre with an oil on canvas piece, Tom, which was consequently shown at the Art Meeting Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

Most recently in 2013, Baruch was invited to show two of his works, Choupette With Baguette and Stray Cat , at the IX Biennial of Contemporary Art of Firenze. That same year Ping Squared 2 Art Space Gallery, in Hong Kong, invited Baruch to permanently exhibit several of his works.

Baruch's playful and colorful work express his many emotions and vast experiences in life. His art has enchanted many celebrities, personalities and politicians including Gisele Bundchen, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Walcyr Carrasco, Daniela Mercury, among others. His art has been conquering the world, being exhibited nowadays in cities such as Osaka, London, New York, La Chapelle, Boston, Miami, Hong Kong, and through out Brazil.